It has been a long time I know, but I have been busy working on my latest painting. Inspired by the very beautiful Lauren Isabeau ( you can find her on Instagram @lauren_Isabeau)… Continue reading

Time to say goodbye

I have finally finished these two portraits of Cara D and Ricki Hall. Looking forward to finishing a couple more before starting something new and big!!! :0

Mary Jane Ansell

The beautiful work of the artist Mary Jane Ansell I find it hard to stop looking at her work! It is easy to see why she has been nominated so many times for… Continue reading

Daniel Gonzalez Coves

Nominated for a BP Portrait Award, Daniel Gonzalez Coves beautiful work is set to get a lot more attention.   He has been recently featured on the Saatchi Online ‘One’s to watch’ ,… Continue reading

Gottfield Helnwein

Today I’m inspired by Gottfried Helnwein, at times I find his work hard to look at, but when I do, I find it even harder to look away…

Tran Nguyen

I’ll be adding Tran Nguyen to my ever growing list of ‘artists who’s work I would like to own’ one day. Beautiful and magical artwork which you can see her create on her… Continue reading

Painting Boys

It’s been ages! I’m still very much “playing” with paint! I have nearly finished this one of Cara Delevingne and am working on one of Ricki Hall…

Kate Moss

A couple of pictures of two small paintings, that I’ve just about finished. One of Kate Moss and the other Nastya.. Now to catch up on some sleep!!! Night all xxx

The Start

Just a couple if pictures of my new painting. It’s very early days, I’m working on the second layer of the face.

Art Venti

These beautiful works of art are drawings by artist, Art Venti. He says of himself “Born 1949, New York City. U.S.A.I have been an artist since childhood, for 56 years. I consider that… Continue reading

Hyper Flora

Menswear gets an injection of femininity, this season with floral prints the quickest way to update your look. Modern variations on the traditional Hawaiian prints with lots of leafy green tones against white… Continue reading

And so to bed

I have reached the point at which I can do no more, I’m not finished (I’m not sure I ever finish!) but for now Persephone is done. Goodnight xx

Andrew Salgado

Today I’m sharing the work of Andrew Salgado with you… ‘Andrew Salgado (born Canada, 1982) has an MFA (Distinction) from Chelsea College of Art, London. Since graduating in 2009 he has exhibited in… Continue reading

Eric Freitas

I had to, just quickly, share this with you! The most beautiful timepieces I think I’ve ever seen; these beautiful works of art are made by Eric Freitas, you can read his bio… Continue reading

The Final Part

I’m finally on to the last part of this, really quite small, painting of Persephone. I’m off out now to pick some flowers to paint! Xxx

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